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Age - Gender/Orientation - Status
26 - MaleGay
Weatherford, TX, United States
Canine-Dog(I am a teal Alaskan Malamute! Check out my ref sheet! :D)
Good Friend,Casual Friend,Quick Yiff
Looking for
Twitter: cobaltsieg Other: telegram.dog/cobaltsieg  


Hey there! The name's Cobalt Sieg, and my husband is Vegas Fayben. We both have been in the fandom for several years, and we're at a comfortable point in our life and relationship where we're seeking friends and lovers to spend more time with. We live in the DFW region of Texas, and are pretty active in the community - we just finished up attending Furry Fiesta 2018, and we go to the local meets pretty regularly.

I'm more of a bookworm, movie buff, anime-loving, sci-fi and fantasy nerd; and he's more of a horse-nut. We both go hiking a lot, enjoy swimming, and occasionally play video games and board games. He's an artist, and I'm a writer, so we have a very large spectrum of interests and hobbies.

As for the kinky stuff - we're pretty much open to everything with the exception of extreme fetishes like scat and harm, as well as the baby and diaper community. We're certainly open to trying new things, but keep in mind that we are gay and won't be interested in female partners - though we love female friends!

I'm not really sure what else to say, so hit me up! My telegram is cobaltsieg and so is my Twitter!



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