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Email: Indyandthemoon@gmail.com Kik: Indy4456  


First off I'm a student now on my last year at university, getting an batchelor degree in sociology. Some of my interests revolve around playing guitar/band (mostly rock music), taking walks in nature, working out, playing games and staying healthy. Other than that I love hanging out with friends but would like to have more people that are furry to talk with. I have been furry a long time but I've kept it to myself and close friends/girlfriends that often arent furry themself. So id like to know more people that are furry ^^


For the most part i like being a husky and when i am a husky i love being a pet :).For me its about the companionship and love between an owner and her dog . About me protecting and loving my owner as a dog, in return for her love and ownership over me. Its more about pleasing her and doing what she wants me to do for her, than getting any of it myself, unless she thinks ive been "good" enough to deserve it. I try to be a good boy as best as i can ^^

I enjoy cuddeling quite a lot aswell, exspecially liying on top of someone or their legs like dogs do ^^
I do enjoy petplay but I'm not a huge fan of latex and such things. I do like the thought of the way they get treated and worshiping someone, but i like more the thought about mutal respect and love between an owner and her pet. Being equal but at the same time being submissive towards an owner. This way its more about the beauty of the pair and their understanding of eachother than something along the lines of it being humiliating. Its almost as much about the emotional acceptiance for me being someones pet, as the sexual part.
For the most part I like wearing fake dog tails, fur, lookalike paws and ears. I also love cuddeling with my furry blanket :). I also enjoy collars and leashes ^^.
What I'm mostly looking for is someone who would like to chat more about this sort of thing ^^, and/or potentially becoming my owner.
Most people ive met have a hard time understanding and difficulty accepting or fully likeing what im into. I hope to meet more people here that like this kind of thing or finds it interesting to have a chat about :). Idher way id love to talk to you!


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