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22 - FemaleBisexual
United Kingdom
Good Friend,Casual Friend
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Good Day, Fellow reader person. Sorry you accidentally stumbled onto my Ad.. I booked refreshments but the guy said I was a thot and he doesn't trust me to not steal the table..

Moving on...!
A little summery before we get into the bits you'll skip to see if I yiff *Jk, reader person. I trust you not to do that... Kinda*
I'm a 'bubbly' twenty something introverted person who plays the music things with her hands sometimes. I can play quite a few things
So If you also Rock out with your.. something out! Gimmie a poke~ I love meeting people who can also make the music happen, o yis
I'm a University drop out! Please don't tell Student finance.. They'll hunt little ol' me and squeeze the monies out of my shoes.
 Pockets are for chumps.. Shoes are where you should keep your riches, Children.
"Ok lady, Stop with the bad comedy routine and tell us about yourself!" I hear you cry to your computer screen. Fine!
Other than Music I'm very passionate about Film. It's what I studied during Uni! Had to watch alot of black n white Italian cinema.. *shivers* I enjoy most genres and have too many favorites to name But! Tell me some of yours and we'll chat the night away!
Moosik: I love *Love* My metal! every flavour except the really hard to understand screamo stuff. I also Like jazz and chiptune!
Gaming: I'm a casual at heart! Mostly playing Pokemon or Persona 5 and drooling over Ryuji *my P5 fangirls! where you at?!*
So. What am I here for? Mostly looking for friends, casual friendships and the like! I'm Not too into the whole erp/yiff scene so any requests from people wanting to just do the nasty.. No thank!
Well that's all I got for ya! Thanks for reading!


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