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21 - MaleGay
Charleroi, Belgium
Canine-Wolf(Blue and white)
Good Friend,Casual Friend,Short Term,Long Term,Quick Yiff
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Twitter: Younakalibo Other: Steam : Younakalibo Other: Telegram : Younakalibo 


[Disclaimer : I do not own the bike on the picture, it's a friend's bike <3]

Hello there !

My name is Youna, I'm 21, I live in Belgium. I'm blonde with blue eyes, I'm 1.70m (5' 6"), and 99 lbs (45kg). I am very cuddly, I love to do as receive. I often concerned with my close friends and keep up to those who are more closer to me. I like to participate in furmeet, whether simple meeting or a convention, etc. Otherwise, I like watching movies, action movies, comedy, animation, but this is not what I do the most, I'm usually on my computer, chilling, playing, I love to listen of time to time to music to relax me, either Folk/Rock/Punk/Dubstep or old music 40/50's for exemple. And I hope that in the future I'll be able to work as a policeman myself, more exacly in the military police. :3

I also like to walk sometimes outside in the fields or in the woods with my dog, smell the fresh air, but I'd rather do it with someone, and do not do it alone. :p Also, I'm more of an introvert.

Looking For : Kinda classic there I think, I don't have much "must", beside being a guy and gay/bisexual, i'm fine with it. :p Obviously, more thing we have in common and better it is. Idealy I would like someone older and a bit taller than me, of course this isn't required. :p Also, you gain points if you also like paws (footpaws), vore (soft), and other naughty stuffs. :v

I'm also looking for playmates, into some of the games I play, you can see my games on Steam (I have other like on Uplay), and looking to stream regulary on Twitch.

Steam :

Twitch :

Me and the Fandom : Well I joined it back in 2012, and I participate furmeets from time to time when I have the money and opportunity, to say so, as often as I can. :p I would also like to participate in the Eurofurance in Germany this year. I like to be present and meet new faces friends in furmeets. :)

Some Interests : I love traveling, i'm interested into history, languages, I like video games, hanging out with friends, hiking, bikes (would love to have one).

How to Contact : There are several ways to contact me either via Telegram, FurAffinity, Skype, or on the site. I prefer for you to contact me directly via Telegram, since I'm often online and available.

Telegram : @Younakalibo

Furaffinity :

Likes : History, cuddlings, cinema, restaurant, musics, movies, furmeets, relax at home...

Dislikes : Bad people, people love to have sex sex sex sex and again sex everytime..ain...

Fave Video Games : Kingdom Come : Deliverance, Red Orchestra 2, Hearts of Iron 4, The Guild 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Fallout 4, Total War Attila/Warhammer, This War Of Mine, Awesomenauts, Arma 2/3, Killing Floor 2, Dead By Daylight, Insurgency.

Fave Song : Recently I've found this awesome group and album <3 :

Fave Movies : The fall, District 9, Django Unchained.


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